10 Things I Love Sunday

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10 Things I Love Sunday


Happy Sunday! Here’s our little unicorn … she’s as cute as can be.

1. Nova’s incredible unicorn hat is from here. And since I know someone will ask, our bed is from here.

2. Collecting horses for our next nursery.

3. On my reading list.

4. Enjoying watching Tidying Up. It’s the perfect inspiration for this time of year!

5. Cherry blossom season in China. I would LOVE to see this for myself one day.

6. Loveeee this jumpsuit.

7. Thinking about rewatching Mad Men. Do you ever rewatch dramas?

8. Having sooo much fun shopping vintage dresses for Laura’s annual ’60s party.

9. Our favorite book for Chinese New Year. It’s so cute.

10. My floral chandelier is from West Elm.

Hope you had a great weekend! Jeremy and I just started a weekly date night on Sunday night and I spend the ENTIRE week looking forward to it. So excited! 

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