Key Nai lost 90 pounds


Key Nai lost 90 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Key Nai lost 90 pounds. This mother of 3 was often fatigued, winded and upset about the person I saw in the mirror. She was also secretly dealing with depression. She worked very hard to release the pounds, but she eventually decided to have weight loss surgery after medical testing revealed that a very slow metabolism was working against her. Check out her journey.

Key Nai before and after

Highest weight: 310 pounds
Current weight: 220 pounds

In August 2017, I decided that I wasn’t content. Actually, I was secretly dealing with depression. I was often complimented on my height and thickness, but I was dealing with the fact I was actually overweight.

I stood 5 feet, 11 inches at my highest weight of 310 pounds. I was often fatigued, winded and upset about the person I saw in the mirror. With a younger husband and 3 sons (5, 9 and 14 years old), I was feeling insecure
and often embarrassed.

Long story short, one day I woke realized that my weight was in my control. I was determined not to allow it to keep me from promotional opportunities, as I have a very physical job working for a local fire dept. I refused to let my weight prevent me from physically participating in my kids’ school activities and. I also wouldn’t let it keep me from feeling attractive. It was all mind over matter. In my husband’s eyes, I could not have been more perfect.

First, I gave it my all, even a very active job. I worked out 5 days a week and changed my eating habits. I did juicing, yoga, etc. However, I could not lose more than 29 pounds. What an odd number, right?

After numerous attempts at weight loss, I told my doctor that I needed help. Finally, I had countless metabolic endocrine tests per my doctor. It was determined that my metabolism was beyond slow. Even after following recommendations, there was no improvement.

I tried prescription weight loss drugs along with making changes to my workout routine, including buying a bike to ride. Nothing happened. Secretly, depression set all the way in, and I considered weight loss surgery. My doctor who was initially against surgery now suddenly agreed.

I was barely a candidate due to my low BMI by surgery standards. I decided to push myself even harder. I ate smaller portions, no fried food, and had minimal to no starches. I removed high sugar foods, and still lost NOTHING but 10 pounds. So, I decided to go for it as it appeared to be my last resort.

  • I had Gastric Sleeve weight loss surgery on 1/3/18.
  • I started drinking 1/2 gallon of water each day.
  • I substituted my desire for juice with Crystal Light Sweet Tea only.
  • I eat mostly Steamfresh veggies and protein, such as chicken, fish, or tuna.
  • I love Healthy Choice Steamfresh meals.

Workout Routine: I work out 3 days a week, doing cardio, freestyle dancing, and resistance
training. Try to swim when I can. I also take steps instead of elevators whenever I can.

Biggest Lesson: I learned that when you are not happy within yourself, it shows in your demeanor. Now, my goal is to inspire people to get focused and stay focused, by any means necessary when it comes to their health. Surgery is a tool, not an easy way out. The struggle and grind to see results is real and very hard.

Advice: What works for one may not work for another, but keep trying till you find what works for you.  Never give up, disregard negative vibes and once you are headed where you going be a support system for another.

1/3/19 marked 1 year since I made the best decision for me. I started my journey. I feel and look good… and I’m still a work in progress ! 2019 is claimed as my year, thanks everybody and thanks Fat Belly Fix.

Key Nai before and after


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